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Muir Beach (Photoshoot Day)

Updated: Jun 1, 2018

What I did and didn't like about Muir Beach

Absolutely stunning views at this Family and dog friendly beach!

WARNING: Parking lot is very small

PROS: As I said this beach has amazing views, allows dogs and has a small man made river section for the younger kids the safely play. If you venture to the far right past the rock there is a smaller more secluded beach area with more beautiful landscape views.

CONS: Your lucky if you find a park! Once you get to the entrance there will be a little bit of a walk to the beach, which is no problem unless your carrying a huge load. Now it's wonderful that this beach allows dogs however there seems to be no rules or control over them by the owners. The entire day dogs we running on and though ALL of our things , Yes including our food and drinks. The Worst of it all was the restrooms 😫 I do not recommend ANYONE to step foot in there. I was finishing up my photoshoot and had been holding my pee for a while do to the bathroom being so far away (The Entrance) I head to the restroom ,open the door and the most rank smell hits my nose! Now I have been in festival and flea market porta potties but nothing was as disrespectful as this UGHhhh……...Don't use it

Overall I had a wonderful time and got some excellent photography in! I will definitely will be returning for another shoot . To see how some of the photos of the girls came out Follow me on Instagram

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